Monday, September 26, 2011

Almost October and That Means...

Here we sit in the last week of September!  I cannot believe that we are sailing right through the sixth week of school and that the holidays will be here before you know it. I anticipated a busier than busy schedule with one daughter involved in clubs after school and middle school band and the other involved in marching band, but boy, I did not know that it would be this much of a blur!  Luckily, you know me, I am taking a ton of photos.  Perhaps I will have a moment to digital scrapbook some of them to preserve a few memories.  Thank goodness for Studio J!  Stay tuned for a few to post when I can take a short breather.  I wonder if any of the schools have free Wi-Fi so I could work on that while at the game.  I don't understand football but could be productive!

I have had a couple of people email asking where all of my card posts have been.  Well, one thing I did not take photos of was my living room which was transformed into my floral shop while making homecoming mums.  I made 5 or 6 and then offered to donate $5 from each one purchased to our Band Boosters so that we could continue feeding the kids before each game and cover some of their other necessary expenses.  Business picked up and consumed the majority of my nights.  Definitely not complaining!  It was fun and I only suffered a few hot glue burns.  

As I packed up the odds and ends from homecoming mums, I thought I would just whip out a few hair bows for Sydney.  I  made them all of the time when the girls were younger and it killed me to pay $8 for one at the carnival.  I rediscovered a hidden joy!  Hair bows will probably be in everyone's stockings this Christmas so consider yourselves warned!

Christmas Cards and our upcoming workshop REALLY needs to be my focus this week since it has been rescheduled for Saturday.  I think card therapy is just what the doctor ordered!  

I suppose I must end my ramble and head to my "day job", even though it is not as relaxing as my "other job".  In whatever you may do today, add your own special touch and creative happiness!

Your Glitter Gal

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