Saturday, March 5, 2011

March. Seriously?

I am finding it just a little difficult to believe it is already March! When I looked at the blog and noticied that the last entry was before the New Year, I had to retrace my steps and attempt to figure out where the last 2 months had gone. I determined I need a secretary and a maid, but not necessarily in that order! I have actually been a crafty girl since the ball dropped over two months ago and just have not gotten ANYTHING posted here. I guess I better work this weekend to rectify that before you guys write me off completely...

Maybe I should re-introduce myself. My name is Kim and I am a hoarder. I hoard paper, embellishments, ribbon, and adhesive. Someday, I will use it ALL! Yeah, I know, sounds all too familiar. Seriously, I cleaned the craftroom last month to rearrange and found things I did not even know I had! Then of course, there were the stamp sets that evidently I loved so much (and had forgotten I purchased) and purchased again! Happens all the time. The craftroom has been rearranged and used several times. One day soon, I will clean up the mess I made in the gameroom while cleaning out the craftroom. That is on the Spring Break list already!

(oops, back to the re-introduction) I am an elementary librarian by day, Girl Scout Leader of three troops by evening, a mom of two very awesome and active teenage girls, a wife to a most wonderful and supportive husband, and a paper crafter as time allows. Hmm. By my calculations, that should be a couple of full-time jobs! No wonder I feel like a crazy woman most of the time. Honestly, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

January, February and most of March are typically consumed with Girl Scout Cookies and cookie booths. This year has not been any different! There is an end in sight so hopefully that will mean more time for therapy. Paper crafting is great therapy and it allows me to spend quality time with ladies who share similar interests. I am so excited that I am getting ready to start a new workshop teaching girls how to scrapbook. Kasi and Sydney are pretty excited, too. They both got digital cameras for Christmas so I really hope they will start documenting their passions because they are growing up so fast that I am afraid I will miss something.

My Spring Break list has grown by several items just while I have been typing this.
  1. Post pictures of recent projects
  2. Stage picture opportunities of the Kids' Scrapbooking Workshop
  3. Plan a Brayer Workshop
  4. Post items on display boards to show off the BEAUTIFUL new CTMH papers
  5. Clean scrap supplies out of gameroom (I added that just in case the family is reading...)
  6. Do something with the green swimming pool
  7. Make plans for DISNEYLAND - Have I mentioned how much I heart CTMH?

The list will continue to grow, I know. I guess that means you will have to come back soon to see what I can check off!

Inky hugs,

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