Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting Ready for Back To School...

Monday will be here before we know it and the girls and I will be heading back to school. I am taking this weekend to mentally and physically prepare for it. I have a pretty fair handle on the "mentally" part because I am so much like the kids and want to be back in a routine and see my friends more regularly. Physically, I am struggling a bit trying to remember a healthy routine of packing a lunch so that I can avoid what Eggface (Shelly) calls the "crap grab". You know, when you just grab whatever is around to eat! I found that with well-planned meals and well-packed lunches, I felt so much better as the day went on. Summertime really pulled me out of the routine. Thankfully, her blog this week reminded me and inspired me to get myself together. I am off to create my grocery list and begin packing healthy stuff into my air-tight containers. Take a minute and check out The World According To Eggface! She has so many wonderful recipes and tips (even for non GB patients!)

I cannot tell you how much I am going to miss the early mornings in my craftroom, but do plan to spend an hour or so in there each evening. Creating is such therapy for me! I have several events coming up so watch your calendars and don't forget to register!

I am hoping to steal away a couple of hours this evening to work on some school goodies for the girls. Pictures to follow!


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