Monday, November 15, 2010

Crazy Busy!

It was not until this weekend when I was giving a good friend a hard time about not updating her blog that I realized mine had gone untouched for such a long time as well. YIKES! My last post was about getting ready to return to school and well, that was about 12 weeks ago. School is in full swing with ALL that involves. The girls are both in band and continue in Girl Scouts. Kasi is an officer in both NJHS and Student Council which means she volunteers quite a bit after school with various teachers and organizations to earn service hours. They both seem to be enjoying the year and were on the Honor Roll for the first 9 weeks. I am so proud of their dedication to learning.

This year in the library has been equally busy. Need I say more? Oh, the things I do to get kids interested in reading...

Crafting is simply creeping along. I look forward to the monthly Hostess Club Gatherings and sadly, that has been the largest extent of my creations. I did finally get all of my Christmas cards finished with a Christmas Card Workshop that was quite a success. Now, if I can just manage to get them in the mail this year! CTMH has been bustling with all of the products retiring and several going on backorder so I have had to postpone a couple of workshops due to product shortage. Bummer! Someone needs to realize that crafting and gathering with friends is my ultimate THERAPY!

With the approaching holidays, I know time will be spent planning healthy meals, shopping, traveling and preparing for Christmas decorations to go up, so I will take this opportunity to tell you how truly thankful I am for you and wish you and yours the love and peace that the holidays bring. I pray you won't be too busy to take just a little time for yourself and do something just for YOU!

Here is one of the things that I do for myself. I visit this very inspirational blog for fabulous recipes, health tips and motivation to get off my duff and enjoy my new-found healthier life. Take a minute and pop over to visit Shelly, or Eggface, as she is known by so many! I bet you might just find some inspiration as well as a laugh or two!

Craftily yours,


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