Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Buzz From the Craftroom...

I have been a super busy gal!  I have been crafting for upcoming workshops, weddings, back to school and have been preparing to create the layouts and cards for the brand new, beautiful paper packs inn the Autumn/Winter 2013 Idea Book.  I am so excited about each one of them and know you will be, too!

I hear that little clock ticking down to the start of another school year.  While I absolutely love my job and adore the staff I work with, I am just not ready to go back yet.  There is still so much to check off my craft list, my house list and my personal list!  I am sure they will understand, right?

I am going to start posting pictures of some of the items I have knocked out.  I have been stalling because a couple of them are gifts and I did not want to spoil the surprise, so make sure you check back here by the end of the week!

I am feeling a contest coming on.  Anyone else?  Yep, that would require some comments...

Heading for some coffee or hot tea to jumpstart the day.

Craftily yours,

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