Monday, September 3, 2012

Just When You Think You Have It All Figured Out...

Life is such a funny thing!  I remember being a teen and dreaming of being an adult.  Boy, I was going to do things differently and would have no worries.  Lately, I have spent so much time thinking about that kid and really wanting to slap her in the back of the head!  Being an adult really has its stinky moments.  My lack of appearances in August is a testament to that...What a MONTH!

Have you ever felt that every time you get a little ahead that something major happens?  A costly auto repair, someone needs a new instrument (maybe just in our house), insurance rates get the picture.  How about your washer fills for 45 minutes?  Yep, that water has to go somewhere.  I wish I could say that this experience was just a hypothetical, but that is not the way my luck runs.  I will not elaborate and bore you to tears with the details, but let's just say that we are still waiting on the insurance company for repairs and that my calendar of workshops that I put together is having to be adjusted!  (and it was jam packed with fun and awesome creations)

Think it cannot get any more amusing?  Try throwing in the start of another school year to top it off!  Yep, our washer incident happened the day before I went back to school for teacher inservice.  Fun times!  

So how do you suppose this life event made it to a crafty blog?  I always tell my friends that crafting is my therapy and I just so happen to have needed MUCH therapy!  I can sit at my craft table with Gibbs playing in the background, listening to the chirp of my beloved Cricut machine, stamp and glue to my hearts content and put all of those realities to the back of my mind for just a bit.  

I have been working on beautiful decorations for a little one's first birthday.  I will post pictures soon but do not want to spoil mom's surprise.  (We work together and have many of the same friends here and on FB.)  I can say though that this little gal will have a memorable first birthday and is so very loved!  Okay, well maybe I can give a little preview...

Since it is Labor Day and we do not have plans until this evening, I am going to hide in my Stamp Pad for a bit today and finish up some cupcake picks for the birthday girl and prepare card pieces for this week's Hostess Club Gathering.  I have missed being in "my happy place" since school started so I am going to make up for lost time today!  I hope you have some time today to be crafty, too, and would LOVE to see what you are working on.

Craftily yours, 

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