Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's All About PROM!

My niece, Stacy, and her friends celebrated their Senior Prom Saturday. She and her mom have been working for weeks to get just the right dress, shoes, and accessories. Her dress is chocolate and teal. Sounds like a pretty simple color combo, but we did not have such an easy time matching it to anything so fortunately my sister asked for the extra fabric after the dress was altered. I have a sewing machine, but by no means as I very handy with it other than sewing minor projects or stitching on layouts. I did make a couple of items to help Stacy accessorize: a purse, a choker, and a hairbow.
Shane and I hosted the pre-Prom dinner party for the kids. We had a great time shopping and setting up for it. The whole time, I had layouts running through my mind! "I have paper to match that" or "I know just the stamp set" seemed to roll freely through my thoughts.
I don't normally post anything but crafty stuff, but I thought I would share the pictures that I took as the "before" and I promise to post the "after" scrapbooked project soon!

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