Friday, January 16, 2009

Missing In Action?

Oh, I am definitely in need of some crafting time, but it won't happen until Monday. We have spent the week getting ready for Girl Scout camp. It is going to be super cold this weekend but I know we will have a great time. The theme is "Dipped In Chocolate" so you know there are scrapbookable moments to be had!

Monday is a school holiday so just as soon as we get home and unpack, you know where I will be! I just opened the package from UPS with 4 brand new stamp sets that I redeemed my Consultant Reward Your Way points for and I have to get busy using them. Oh, the anticipation of dunking that brand new stamp in ink for the first time...

Check back Monday or Tuesday for all the projects I have complete with them. I know I have run out of birthday cards so I will be using Cupcake Sprinkles, too!

Leave comments to show me what YOU have been working on.

Have a warm weekend and don't forget to order your Girl Scout Cookies,


1 comment:

  1. Enjoy your monday . I start work after all this time tomorrow and i am so not ready lolol. Juliet