Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Monday!

Well, the day I have dreaded...back to work. Wouldn't you know that last night as I was getting my clothes ready for today, I thought of a dozen new projects to work on, remembered I need to finish my wish list, and solved the mystery of how to organize my cardstock. Oh, if only I had ONE more day of vacation...
I will be posting more artwork this week so you will definitely want to stay tuned. I have been working on some display items using the new paper packs and they are stunning! I hope to have them all from the other Consultants in my team and assembled for Wednesday's Hostess Gathering. The book just does not do the new papers justice; the colors are vibrant and versatile.
Did you take my 2009 Challenge #1? I will begin distributing scrap bags on Wednesday. I think it is going to be great fun. If you missed it, the details are on our Yahoo Group. Thanks to all who have joined in MY effort to recycle and downsize. (Shane thanks you, too!) He could not believe I could fill so many bags with scraps. By the way, I kept a bag as well and plan to see how many cards I can make from my scraps. I am thinking of offering a second prize - something to the person who creates the most cards from the scrap bag following the initial rules. All cards are due back by the first Wednesday in April so there is plenty of time for you to CREATE!
The next challenge will be a SCRAPBOOKING challenge.

I hope you have time to be crafty today. Think of me sitting in a staff development with visions of inky fingers and rolls of adhesive dancing through my mind!

Leave me a comment to let me know what you worked on!


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